• Slicing
  • hasselback
  • making curls
  • grating
  • french fries
  • mashing
  • Peeling
  • making ribbons
  • Making Potato Chips


Potatoes can be grated before or after cooking, depending on how you will be using them. They are easier to grate after cooking, but must have had time to cool. They can be grated on the large blade straight into the cooking dish or frying pan. Don’t overcook the potatoes, as they will just fall to pieces. Starchy potatoes are ideal for mashing, and waxy ones for making salads or hash, like reds or Yukon Golds.

Raw potatoes, like russets, exude a surprising amount of starchy liquid that is vital to helping some dishes stick together. Check the recipe before you begin as to whether you need to keep this liquid. The recipe typically will tell you whether to rinse off the starchy liquid or just dry the potatoes in a paper towel.