Preparation and Care for Perfect Idaho® Potatoes!

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Scientific Distinction Potatoes from Idaho have optimum apearance, size and quality

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Problem Solving Potato Cooking Chemistry

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Potato Preparation The Idaho Potato How to Series

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Welcome To Potato 101

If you are relatively new to food preparation, or have cooked for some time and want a quick refresher, or as an accomplished chef/instructor are looking for teaching tools… Potato.101 is a source you’ll want to examine NOW and keep for the future.

Potato 101 is perfect as an easy-to-follow educational program and reference guide. It provides a base understanding of potatoes, starting with their history in Idaho, why the soil, water and climate combine perfectly in Idaho to make their quality outstanding. You’ll learn about the health and nutrition aspects for potatoes as well as its economical cost and versatility on menus.

The program continues with instructions in the proper holding, storing, handling, cleaning, preparing and serving of Idaho potatoes. Each technique is described in detail and supported by visual graphics and a short video demonstration.

Whether your goal is to cook a simple meal or to create a culinary masterpiece, understanding Potato.101’s basics is your first step to success.